Sano Protein Powder

"Plant-based protein powders are gritty." NOT SANO! By now, it's no surprise to anyone that I care about what foods I am putting into my body. Therefore, when it comes to protein powders or any supplement, I read that ingredient list like it's my job. Just because a food product claims to be "low-carb" or "high-protein" doesn't necessarily make it healthy. However, SANO wins on both ends of the spectrum. Not only is it high in 100% PLANT-BASED protein, 20 grams per one pouch, but the ingredients are ON POINT. No fake anything. No added sugars, no sugar alcohols. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, NON-GMO. #purity and #yesplease. 

And a side-note: not only is SANO looking out for our health, but SANO looks out for the health of the plant, by taking initiative in environmental sustainability. A portion of profits are donated towards water sustainability. I mean, come on. Nourishing us. Nourishing the planet. 

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