Build a Better SMOOTHIE.

Let me just start this out by saying a SMOOTHIE is VERY different than a SHAKE. In my opinion. ⁣Do you agree?!

To me a shake just sounds like protein + water. And you will never see me enjoying that - not because I dont think it can be good for some people - but I dont ENJOY it, and food happiness is a priority for me. ⁣

Which I feel like we should do another post about - the happy factor of EATING! Ok im on this.

Moving on. ⁣

In my quest to provide you with more info you can apply + make your own - I have some tips + tricks for how to build the BEST smoothie for you.

Use this concept for your next smoothie to make it one that not only satisfies you, but provides lots of nutritional value. ⁣


Decide: is it a meal smoothie or a snack smoothie ⁣
THEN: Make portions reflect that! ⁣A meal will have larger portions than a snack.

✨Include your food groups accordingly!⁣

Remember this: if the smoothie is a meal - a great to go option + easy way to sneak in a ton of nutrition, pretend you are building a healthy plate - just in a blender. Basically this is a long way of saying: DON’T SKIP YOUR VEGGIES OR CARBS!

I hear so many people saying they are so hungry after having a smoothie for breakfast - sometimes I totally get that sipping doesn’t do the same justice as chewing - I fall into that bucket a lot, BUT most of the time these individuals are simply skipping the key components of the meal that will keep them full OR skimping on portions of them. ⁣This is your game changer!


✨Play with it! Seriously, there are so many fun combos you can create to make this easy meal or snack work for you. Especially if you “hate veggies” or “don’t have time” - a smoothie can help!

They are quick to create and if you use the right combo you won’t taste the veggies. ⁣Plus they are so portable.

Mix + match to find your go to. ⁣Aim to include at least 3 food groups.

Use these grids to mix and match and find some new fun combos! Make the portions YOURS and see how you feel.

My fave? ⁣

Chocolate peanut butter will always be my preference so my smoothie of the month is: coconut milk, PB powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, banana, strawberries, smart bran cereal + riced cauliflower/broccoli blend (you wont taste it!) ⁣

What is your favorite combo!? 🍓