Savory Oatmeal Cups.

You know what I love??

Besides food. You know I love food 😜

Well, I loveeeee to use my muffin tray to cook (I don’t say bake because I am terrible at that 😝but its great for baking too) . It just makes life so easy. And the recipes always look prettier.

But what I love the most about the muffin tray trick is actually very helpful - it perfectly portions my goodies. It takes a lot of thinking out of prepping for me, which is always so helpful.

And worked perfeclty with these savory oat muffins. These are amazing as a snack, or as part of a meal. Amazing with extra protein for post workout (thanks to Pronativ unflavored whey protein as the super ingredient) or amazing for pre-workout energy.

They are so easy and so yummy, you simply have to try them.

I posted a lot of information about the pre and post workout eating recommendations on my instagram when I shared this recipe, catch up on that goodness here: CLICK!



I am enjoying one of these beauties post run in this photo. Running uses a lot of glycogen, glycogen is stored carbs, replenishing those is ESSENTIAL post workout. Double hint these muffins feature #superingredient Pronativ whey protein in them, protein post workout (run) helps rebuild + repair muscles — these muffins satisfy all the needs! You must try them!

Ok back to business.

I will get right to why you are here - the recipe.

Following this recipe as is the nutrition information is as follows:

  • Makes 8 servings, 140 calories per muffin, 9g protein, 4g fat.

Super simple, absolutely delicious and so versatile.

I have eaten these broken up in a salad and bowl as part of my meal + as a snack pre & post workout.

Post workout it was awesome paired with plain greek yogurt for extra protein to create a perfect post workout ratio!

This recipe also sneaks in VEGGIES! Switch up the veggies used to fit your needs best, I think shredded zucchini and carrots could be fun the next time I make these! But, if you want to go a sweeter route, swap out the veg and swap in fun ingredients like peanut butter powder, chocolate chips, dried fruit etc.

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Cant wait to hear what you think!


J 🍓


This recipe was created in partnership with Pronativ.

PRONATIV is a super ingredient - similar to matcha or omega3, it is an ingredient that increases the nutritional value of the recipe! For more information on PRONATIV Whey protein check out to learn where you can purchase + how it is made! In addition current brands that feature this ingredient can be seen here: