#1 Grocery MYTH.


ONLY shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is an urban legend and one you need to put out of your mind. FOREVER.

I don’t know who started this nasty little rumor but following that logic you miss out on some of my favorite products + honestly a lot of products designed to help you reach your goals, feel your best AND make you happy.

The truth is - the perimter of the store for sure has your staples, produce, dairy dept., meat dept. YES you should load up here - but the inside of the store has your fiber from whole grains, your healthy fats, your cooking essentials, your frozen foods AND SO MUCH MORE.

Please don’t skip it. Just don’t.

I could talk about this for hours, but a virtual surprise may be coming soon - wink wink. And for now I have attached a general, whole store inclusive guide PLUS I teamed up with Sammy, the incredible RD changing the entire food + nutrition world, from Dietitians of Palm Valley to bring you an episode of F%ck Diet Culture Friday all about this grocery myth. The facts are at the end - please don’t watch if you are offended by the F word. Sammy + I met working together as retail RDs in grocery stores, to say our PASSION is in this topic is quite the understatement so if we could get one person to explore that center store after watching this video - we call that a win.

In addition I have also attached a skeleton of some of my essentials to help guide you THROUGH THE AISLES. Screen shot is and ENJOY.

And for those that may not follow yet, please be sure to check out ALL the myth busting my girl Sammy + her RD team do to help you understand some REALITIES about nutrition and clear up some confusion on the BS. The Dietitian’s of Palm Valley youtube channel has them all for you! Click HERE.



Sam Previte is a registered dietitian who is changing the field. Her passion and her message are 2 things that MUST BE HEARD - if this video below resonates with you please like, share and tag a friend - we want the truth about nutrition spread so we can all live happier and healthier lives! THANK YOU SAMMY FOR ALL YOU DO

*screen shot this and use as your guide to shop for all the essentials.

*screen shot this and use as your guide to shop for all the essentials.