Christina A.

... AND I EAT CARBS!!!!  
— Christina

My name is Christina, I am 43yrs old and I have struggled with weight my entire life.  Who I am is really unimportant because there are so many others just like me.  I grew up chubby, then fat and then an obese adult.  Weight loss swings here and there but all proved to be futile.  Over 10years ago I underwent weight loss surgery and it was successful. What you don't realize, is that it is a tool.  It fixes things temporarily and doesn't fix your mind and way of thinking (and it leaves you with a lifetime of digestive side effects).  I thought I knew what  to do when the weight crept on.  I believed the yo-yo would be a way of life- Until I met Jenna.

I wanted to learn how to just "be".  I was crashing an burning nutrition wise.  I saw how she had such balance and was able to get through the day without stressing about what or when the next meal will be. I saw her excitement about cooking and eating.  

My objective wasn't to be thin, it was to be stronger and be able to have more energy to work harder at my workouts.  I belong to Orangetheory fitness and if you know what that is, you know that you compete with yourself.  I was doing EVERYTHING backwards.  My nutrition timing, my proportions, my calorie obsession etc...

I met with Jenna to discuss me needs, my custom meal plan and do go over my nutritional DNA results ( I highly recommend this ad on).  Within a month, my body transformed, I got stronger, I ran faster and yes a few pounds shaved off too.  I know how to just "be". No dieting, no obsessing, no counting the carrots on my salad... AND I EAT CARBS!!!!  

Thank you, Jenna for your knowledge and your positivity and the tools you gave me.