Johana H.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years. Like many people, I have done every fad diet out there... low carb, low fat, IIFYM - you name it, Ive tried it. Nothing ever stuck with me. I would lose the weight, binge because I was deprived, and gain the weight back. Just an endless circle. Although this is tough to talk about openly, my anxiety and depression affected my weight and vice versa. I was out of control.
3 years ago I joined Orangetheory Fitness. I was working out at a regular gym, but had gotten bored. I was hooked from my first class @ OTF. I met a lot of great people (including Jenna!) and lost a good amount of weight.

In December 2016, my grandmother passed away. For anyone who knows me, it was like losing my mom and best friend. I’ve never experienced grief on this level. This kicked off another period of depression - one of my hardest. I had no motivation to do ANYTHING. Couldn’t get out of bed, didn’t want to hang out with friends, my fiancé or even to go to the gym. Even going to work was difficult. My anxiety and depression got the best of me. I stopped exercising, and wasn’t watching what I was eating. Before I knew it, I weighed in at my heaviest EVER. I felt awful, ashamed, disappointed but also motivated to change.

I re-committed to my health and myself and began on a life changing journey that has not only helped me feel the best in years, but has saved my soul. I always knew Jenna had the ability to help me, but what she has taught me goes beyond food and losing weight. I’ve learned to put myself first, and I’ve learned to listen to my body and love it regardless of what I look like or feel like. Loving myself through every step of this journey has been her biggest lesson to me.

I completely changed my lifestyle. Although I thought I ate healthy before, I was not fueling properly for OTF classes. I can not describe how different and amazing my workouts feel now. I’ve celebrated so many different wins, becoming a faster runner is still a key goal for me. I can now run all outs at 12mph! When I started @ OTF I couldn’t even jog! I could have never hit any of my goals without Jenna.

I never feel hungry, I’m having fun being creative with my meals and I actually enjoy being in the kitchen now. People ask how much weight I’ve lost or if I have a goal weight. I went to the dr for the first time in 6 months last week, I’ve lost close to 25 lbs, but I’m not counting. I don’t have a goal weight because progress is not what the scale tells me. It’s in the progress pictures, it’s in how I feel in my clothes, it’s in how I feel when I work out and how I feel in my own skin. I feel more confident everyday because I’m making healthy choices, all because Jenna has taught me how to do it!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned (and keep learning everyday) is PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY. The results haven’t come overnight, it’s taken consistency and dedication. I have a long way to go, my goals keep changing and evolving, which means CHANGE IS HAPPENING! I have a great support system and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. I know Jenna will be right there with me helping me along the way. My gratitude for her is endless!!!