Nitro Coffee

Happy Monday everyone!!! This rainy, dark day had me sippin coffee all morning long. BUT, not just any coffee. I’m talkin’ Rise Brewing Co.’s Original Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. For anyone who came out to the Orangetheory Fitness Totowa healthy BBQ, you know EXACTLY what I’m drinking today. Not only is this coffee light but creamy and chocolatey (#caffeinatedguinnessbeer?), but it has 1.5 times more caffeine than a standard coffee = definitely helping me through this dreary Monday morning. With only two ingredients in this magic, purified water and organic coffee, I can drink one can of this coffee in place of two regular cups of coffee EVERY DAY. No added sugars, no added chemicals, no added preservatives. Time saving & caffeinating simultaneously, I’m all about it! Oh and one more amazing aspect of this- they are canned and although they taste best cold, the cans do not require refrigeration! So yes, there is a box of it sitting at home!


Can we also talk about how excited I am for Rise Brewing Co.’s latte launch? I got to taste test these new products and I am psyched for the release. Three new flavors all described in three words: creamy, energizing & fun! What I find is that so many of the coffee products on the market are loaded with artificial sweeteners and funky flavors, but Rise… NONE OF THE ABOVE! However, these lattes should not be a replacement for our everyday coffee, as they contain added organic cane sugar. BUT I will definitely be having these occasionally as they are irresistible! If you are curious about what this brand is doing with their products and upcoming ideas, check out the website HERE!

Have the BEST Monday!