I feel amazing!!
— Kaila

Before meeting you I had the mindset of “I know what I need to do to eat healthy, I just need somebody to hold me accountable”.  I was SO wrong. My whole life I subscribed to the low-fat, low-carb ,diet-this and that lifestyle. I blamed myself when I was hungry, frustrated or when I overate. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t me; it was the food that I was eating. Fueling my body is one of the only things I have full control over in this crazy game we call life and you have been the catalyst that has opened my eyes to what I’ve been doing wrong. 

I feel amazing and am thrilled at my transformation, my new eating habits and new fitness goal setting.  It is no longer an effort to eat healthful foods, it has become a way of life! I throughly enjoy planning my meals and finding new and fun things that make me feel good :-)

Nutrition isn’t something that defeats me anymore and my image isn’t something I spend hours worrying about. This journey has resulted in a fulfilled and happy lifestyle. Thank you for being awesome, supportive, and innovative. I cannot wait for others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through real food. You da bomb!