Planning and Preparation

So this was supposed to be a Friday message, until it became a mini novel. BUT, another week came and went. It is pretty crazy how fast the weeks go by, which is why that annoying and cliche saying “make the days count” exists. The truth is though, the days will continue to pass so we might as well make them the best days ever. And I’m sure we all agree that our best days are the days when we are prepared with food and exercise.


Am I right?

Or am I right?

So being prepared and planning is frequently on my mind and even more so that I have a vacation coming up this summer.

For me, “Sunday meal prep” is not a full week’s of preparation. Because no, I don’t like my vegetables cold and soggy and I don’t like my Banza pasta stuck together in clumps :) So, I have found that prepping some things for two to three days ahead works best for me and I have about two of these dedicated prep times, which are different each week depending on my schedule. Are you finding it difficult to dedicate a few hours in the kitchen on one day? If not, POWER TO YA! If you are, maybe you should consider splitting it up, once at the beginning of the week and once halfway through.  Your food will be fresh and you won’t feel like food prep is a chore. Who even wants to be inside during the summer? #notme

Food prep can definitely be simplified during these summer months, but when we’re away on vacation for a week or longer, “food prep” might not be a thing. So how do we stay on track during these MUCH deserved getaways?

1. If you’re flying, it’s not realistic to prepare meals and pack them. Instead, try writing down in your phone a list of the foods (and portion sizes) you eat now. When you’re away, pull out this list to make ordering off of a menu easier! Compare (discretely) the portions you are served to the portions you typically eat. Too much? Great, have them box up the rest and have it the next day. 2 meals for the price of 1. #win

2. You can always write down your typical eating schedule; adjust the times as needed on vacation. Move things around to fit your vacay mode but you may feel better being “on schedule” still.

3. As for snacks, these are much easier because most can be packed! Protein bars, crackers, nut butter, protein powder (add into a smoothie, etc.), nuts and seeds, homemade energy bites, etc. This will also help you stick to your typical schedule and keep you feeling satisfied; no need to lean on any quick food choices when you get hangry. 

So I’ll leave you with this- planning ahead will always benefit you, even though sometimes it seems like a dreaded task. It is OK if we miss a planned meal or snack because life is all about a balance, but if we can focus on being prepared MOST of the time, we will always be closer to our goals and will likely feel better! However, it is important to accept that sometimes even the best made plans don't go as planned and that is ok. We have the knowledge and tools to be able to adapt during these situations. If we make the best decision possible (or a good decision at the very least), the next meal or snack is always another chance for improvement. No need to stress over one meal or one snack (just as one salad won't make you automatically "healthy", one non-typical meal won't make you "unhealthy" and undo your progress!) 

Create your future by planning ahead- you'll reach those goals even faster!

Create your future by planning ahead- you'll reach those goals even faster!

Don't wish for it, work for it!

Don't wish for it, work for it!


Today, decide which days you want to prepare some food and do it! It’ll save you time later in the week and will never be regretted. Have a vacation coming up? Start making your list of snacks to pack! Healthy is all about being able to enjoy life’s moments, while still being prepared to make great choices! If you’re going away, let’s see your lists or snacks; if you’re home, let’s see your food prep! Have the BEST week everyone! Xx Hale

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