Green GODDESS {coconut water based} Salad Dressing

It can be challenging to give food flavor without the added sugar, salt, fat and calories that come along with many dressings and sauces, but it definitely does not have to be.

*Enter: Zola Coconut Water, with the pulp*.  

...water as your salad dressing? No, we would not do that to you, that would be an all time low. But this product is amazing and extremely versatile, so yep it went into the mix. And just a disclaimer: I, Haley (Jenna’s intern), am NOT a fan of pulp. But after trying this creation, I’m stoked (#calilingo because Zola HQ is in California).

So here you have a dressing/sauce made of hydrating, heart-healthy, and tasteful ingredients. This dressing is definitely lower in fat than many other dressing out on the market, as it is [coconut] water based, rather than oil based. Slightly sweet from coconut water, slightly tangy from garlic and lemon, and fully delicious. Yup, you’re welcome. 


Zola Infused Salad Dressing


1.    ¼ cup coconut water (with pulp)

2.    ¼ tsp. garlic

3.    Juice from ½ of a lemon

4.    1/3 avocado

5.    ½ cup basil (optional)

6.    ½ tbsp. olive oil

7.    1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

8.    Pinch of salt

Directions: Place all ingredients into a blender & blend it up. (If you would like it to be more of a dressing and less of a sauce, you can add half to one tablespoon of water for desired consistency!)

The result: A creamy green salad dressing (or sauce) that tastes like heaven.

Pairs well with(#arewetalkingwineordressing): ANYTHING. Top salad or pasta with it, spread 1-2 tbsp. on a sandwich or burger, or use it as a dip for chopped veggies. 

Go try it for yourself and tag us, we want to see your creamy creations!