It's Taco Tuesdayyyy!

"A dream meal come true"

        -says two very busy people.

We’re not quite sure when “Taco Tuesday” became a thing, but we’re definitely not mad about it. The best part about Taco Tuesday is every Tuesday can be a new version of the meal; they NEVER get boring. The toppings and flavors are endless, making this meal a top choice in our books. Our schedules are BUSY, so we’re all about flavorful, exciting, yet simple recipes.

Ok let’s chat about all the different ways tacos can be NEW and exciting each week.

●    ●    ●

Let’s first talk about the shell or tortilla wrap in question. We will always stand by whole-grains, as they contain more fiber, protein, iron and B vitamins. So let’s opt for a whole-grain tortilla wrap: the brand Maria and Ricardo’s sells a whole-wheat wrap and the brand Mission sells an Organic Whole Wheat tortilla/soft shell. If you would rather have a starchy vegetable included in your taco recipe, your taco would taste delicious on a lettuce wrap- can you say low-calorie and extra nutrients?! #yesplease

Now that we have the outside, we need to start filling. First filling: a protein source. If you prefer sticking with the traditional ground beef, no problem- just choose a ground beef that is 90% lean or higher. Looking for something new? You’re in the right place. I have recently learned about ground bison, which is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef. Ground turkey and ground chicken are other GREAT options; again, opt for the 90% and above lean versions, which are typically sold as 93% lean or 99% lean. Pescatarian? Easy! Bake a fillet (or a few) of your favorite type of fish, any will work! When fish is cooked, it becomes flaky. Cut it up into flakes and replace this for ground meat! Want to try shrimp tacos? Sautee shrimp on the stove top with a little olive oil, cut into pieces and add to your taco! Looking for non-meat options? Not to worry. You can easily use beans or tofu for a vegetarian option. Once you have chosen a protein source, you’re ready to move on to other fillings and toppings! 

Wrap- check. Protein- check. Onto the fun stuff. Roasted, sautéed or raw vegetables, avocado, salsa, beans, rice, lettuce, or cheese are always great options. To decrease fat content, opt for a low-fat or fat-free cheese. Trying to avoid dairy? YOU MUST look into nutritional yeast (my new obsession). Nutritional yeast is a vegan cheese option that comes in the form of flakes and it is PACKED with protein and vitamin B12.  Increase the fiber content of your tacos by choosing brown rice. Want to top those tacos? Salsa, guacamole, hot sauce, and Greek yogurt (bye sour cream) are great ways to add more flavor!


Never dull, never the same.

A great tip to keep your favorite fillings interesting is to play with textures: raw carrots, sautéed onion and peppers & chunky guac- crunchy & soft.



However, it can be way too easy to overdo the guacamole and although it is a heart-healthy fat, even too much of a good thing can slow progress towards our goals. Can’t skip the guacamole? You’re not alone. Next time you whip some up, try adding plain Greek yogurt into the mix, which will not only increase the volume, but it will decrease the fat content and increase the protein content (triple win).

And finally, Taco Tuesday is a wrap (yes, food pun intended and don’t forget to make it whole-grain). Food is our FUEL; just because we aim to make our meals healthy and get the most bang for our buck (purchasing our ingredients), does not mean our meals can’t be packed with flavor and fun new combinations. Let Taco Tuesday become a thing for you and keep each week exciting with fresh ingredients #hellosummer ! If you make tacos, tag @happyslimhealthy and @eatfuelnourish , we want to see your beautiful creations!