Danielle M.


When I met Jenna, I hated food. (She’s probably cringing right now reading this.) I ate because I had to to survive, not because I wanted to eat the right things to fuel this body. In 2015 the best “oops” of my life happened: I got pregnant with my son, Jordan. I gained 90 pounds. I ate entire loaves of bread during my pregnancy and trashed the temple I once loved. I tried other programs with other people, and nothing really stuck. Then, my best friend, Nicole (also an HSH “grad”) told me about Jenna. When Jenna and I first talked, she said something that I will never forget: “What happened during your pregnancy gave you your son. We are going to work to change your perspective on food to help you take care of yourself and your son.” She did exactly what she promised. 

Since working with Jenna only 6 months ago, I’ve fully converted to vegan (Personal choice, not due to force), I know what to eat, when to eat, I know what I’m missing, and most of all: I actually look forward to eating. I am still trying new foods and striving to eliminate meal-boredom, but with Jenna, I know that’s possible. Jenna not only taught me how to eat right, she emphasized the importance of finding a workout that I love so that I stick with it. I’m now a regular at a fight gym, and feel well-powered and empowered.

Jenna is not only knowledgeable, she is a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. Jenna knows what she is doing, and helps through all steps of the process. She is approachable, even though she and I are currently over 6 hours away! Even from a distance, I knew that I had help when I went to the food store, to the gym, and into my own kitchen. She helped me through everything, and made me feel like the badass mamma I always knew I was. I lost that part of me for a short time, but I found it. I love this body, and I’ll never forget what Jenna did for me to get me back to loving this temple.