Espresso Cookies {protein x fiber PACKED version}

I love coffee. I love chocolate. I really honestly love GG crackers. And I love my cousin Anna. 

Yesterday - Anna told me how she added Espresso into her energy bites for a little mid day BUZZ. And now my life is changed. Because this idea is seriously NEXT LEVEL. So Anna, if you are reading this, thank you for inspiring these absolutely INCREDIBLE new editions to my protein x fiber packed world :) Everyone rush over to @annablayre on instagram and thank her too - because you're gonna love them. 

PS Yesterday Anna & I tried @tonehouse for the first time - what a FUN workout. Definitely challenged our bodies in a fun new way & cant wait to go back and do it again. Having sweat dates is one of my favorite things to do - trying new places and having fun with your workout buddy is the best way to spend a sunday. Skip the typical sunday funday activities and try this out next week :) you will not regret it I promise!