Nikki C.


It is hard to put into words how truly grateful I am for Jenna. I decided to contact her after seeing a friend have amazing results since working with her. Shoot, I wanted to look and feel incredible too!!

Going into this process I had no expectation, just the hope of feeling “better”. Over the last few months something magical happened, I’ve surpassed anything I thought I was capable of and my life has COMPLETELY changed. Starting this journey with Jenna was the best investment I've ever made for myself. It was not about reaching a certain number on a scale or fitting into a certain size jeans. The major push for me was that I had gotten fed up with feeling so horrible all the time. I felt sick every day, was so bloated that my skin felt swollen, wasn’t sleeping well, and was going back and forth to doctors with no answer to why I felt so terrible. Back then my frame of mind was completely different too.  It was way more than my clothes not fitting, my once positive outlook turned negative and my self confidence was nonexistent. Had also stopped being active and had no motivation to work out because I was so out of shape. It was a vicious negative cycle and my life felt out of control. 
The first time I checked out the Happy Slim Healthy website and read “Learn how to eat right for the rest of your life. Be your best, feel your best, do your best” it gave me the chills, because that was exactly what I wanted and what she has helped me achieve.

A once self-proclaimed food virgin, I’ve now graduated to foodie and cooking has become one of my passions.  Cannot believe much my life has changed in such a short time. In 7 months time I've lost over 30lbs, 8 inches in my waist, and FEEL amazing, probably the best I ever have. It feels fantastic to lose but what I have gained has been what I'm most proud of. Learning balance has been a major game changer. Best part is I have not had to sacrifice anything like my love of wine, pizza nights, or Taco Tuesdays.

In addition to learning how to fuel my body better I started taking classes at OTF Totowa. Despite being intimidated at first, it has been a major outlet for me. I feel stronger, faster, and more empowered after each session. I am so very appreciative for Coaches CT and Alec because their classes have truly changed my life. You have all influenced me greatly, now I’m setting and reaching new goals all the time. Consistency is key and all of these changes are attainable. If I can achieve results like this anyone can. Jenna I just love you - your guidance and support means so much. You inspire me every day with your passion and dedication. Thank you helping me feel and be my best. This is still only the beginning; the best is yet to come! <3

Xo Nikki C.