Supplement Smarts.

Hi! It's Noelle again :) Jenna gets asked all the time about supplements - and honestly, they can be pretty confusing. There is a lot of information out there and much of it is not evidenced based. reached out to us to take a look at their multivitamin page, and we are so glad they did. as a site provides you with solid information & provides you with facts so that you can make informed decisions about the items you are seeking. We like this about them.

I took a look at the multivitamin page and here is my take. Take a look at their site, some great info on there. 


Do many of you know specifically the amount of vitamins you consume per day, whether it be through your diet or a supplement? No? Do you know which vitamins you’re lacking in your nutrition? I definitely don’t!

Vitamins and micronutrients are generally roundabout topics that many people have scattered ideas about, which gives some of the products on the market the potential to be deceiving, depending on the source you’re getting your research from. The most reliable source? Food itself! It’s definitely possible to hit all of your micronutrient needs through a nutrient dense diet and looking to food as a source for vitamins is extremely important! Not to discredit supplements though, sometimes deficiencies are hard to avoid - and that’s where those babies come in handy. In general, there are very few regulations set by the FDA when sending these supplements to market, which can make picking the right choice for you even more daunting. 

The FDA does however recommend not falling into the pitfalls of “quick fixes”,  like vitamins that are marketed to be the one-stop-shop you need to magically fulfill all of your deficiencies, and then some. Research before trying a new product is a must, but when the label on a bottle of vitamins is trying to convince you of health problems you never knew you had, listen to your gut. It’s thanks to wonderful companies like, though, that we as consumers now have access to the RIGHT kind of information and FINALLY  have the power to know how to navigate the world of marketable vitamin supplements! 

The editors at  have extensively researched 289 different brands, and by leaving no nutrient unturned, narrowed the contenders down to 5 supplements they believe to be the best you can buy. Categorically speaking, they have provided a top multivitamin for Men and Women, Children, and Seniors. The authors also went ahead and provided a top Value brand, acknowledging that some of the top contenders are pricer options. The article itself is completely invaluable, the research done by the authors provides an amazingly thorough guide to answer all the questions you could ever have about purchasing a multivitamin.  I, for one, will be nixing the multivitamin I currently take for the MegaFood Women’s One Daily! Resources like this article are important in helping to clear up some of the stigma around multivitamins while ensuring everyone who walks down the supplement aisle is a brave, informed consumer! 

Thank you!