Bacon-wrapped, GG crusted, Poached Eggs 😍

I love bacon. I love eggs. I love a runny yolk. I also really love GG crackers. But sometimes, even I get bored of eating them the same way. 

Then a client of mine posted her husband eating something that looked like this. And it INSPIRED THE CRAP out of me! I woke up so excited to play around with this recipe and am THRILLED to share it, because it is simply DELISH. And duh, because I made it - its EASYAF.


I small batched tested this and ate 2 for breakfast - I know some will ask if you can make them in advance for the week - my knee jerk reaction would be yes -- BUT I HAVE NOT TRIED IT so I dont know if it will hold up, re-heat well etc. However, I don't see why not! 

If you try and it works comment below and let us all know!

I am sharing with you the ingredients to make 3 cups. As a recommendation for MOST, 2 of these would be a portion as part of your meal - paired with your other food groups and recommendations from your RD :) Today I ate 2 with some fruit and lots and lots of sautéed Kale. (plus 2 more GGs crumbed into my kale to get my 4 at breakfast) 


  • 3 eggs
  • 3 slices Al Fresco chicken bacon
  • 3 GG crackers, ground to flour
  • 1 egg white


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375, grease muffin tray.
  2. Over medium heat on the stove - warm up 3 slices chicken bacon, you are going to cook these about half way through.
  3. Grind GG crackers down to flour in blender or food processor and pour into a bowl.
  4. Add egg white to bowl & mix with the GG cracker flour blend. It will be thick & crust like - thats good! If it doesnt all combine add a little water if needed or a little extra egg white if you have. 
  5. Add the GG "crust" mixture to the bottom of 3 muffin cups & press down firmly to create a base. Pictured below.
  6. Once bacon is about halfway cooked - wrap it around the muffin cup - you may have to overlap at the ends a little and thats ok! (See below)
  7. Crack one egg in the middle of each bacon/GG cup
  8. Pop in the oven for about 20 minutes!


AND THEN ENJOY!! Ugh these were so good guys! Would be so great for a fancy brunch spread or just an average day, you decide. Also I feel like to make the GG cups more sturdy you could totally pre-cook them for like 10 minutes before adding the bacon and eggs or even go crazy and line the whole muffin cup with GG crust first and make it even more quiche like - I will try this for next time, but for now - this WORKS 🔥!

Let me know what you think!