Thanksgiving {hidden veggie} Mashed Potatoes πŸ₯”

I LOVE Thanksgiving. For so manyy reasons, and also if you have been following my instagram you know I have a lot of new thoughts about this holiday season and all that comes with it, but I am going to save that for another day and just focus on this under 10 minute side dish that plays on an old comforting favorite and packs in some hidden veggies.

Its creamy and savory. And you may not even have to tell any picky eaters that there are veggies in there if you dont want to.

LMK your thoughts πŸ’‹


Ok also you will need to adjust the ingredients to meet your Thanksgiving quantity needs. As a disclaimer I made this with one potato and have not made another round yet with more - you may need to play around with the portions a little but I really don’t think you can mess it up its a pretty straight forward easy recipe 😜


  • 1 potato (I used a white yam)

  • 1/2 bag (about 2 cups) frozen riced cauliflower (To make this recipe I used a frozen blend of riced cauli, peppers and onions BUT when I make on Thanksgiving to be sneakier and hide the veggies I will use this frozen riced cauli only bag)

  • 2 tbsp Arla cream cheese

  • 1/4 cup milk (I used coconut milk)

  • salt & pepper, to taste

  • garlic, to taste

  • a few sage leaves, chopped (garnish)


  1. Take your potato and score it all around.

  2. Place in microwave for about 3 minutes (watch it). Take out let sit for 30 seconds and then score it a few more places & put back in the microwave for another 2 ish minutes.

  3. Once it is out, transfer to a small pot on the stove and mash it inside the pot with a wooden spoon. (Keeping stove off for now)

  4. While you are mashing the potato place your frozen riced cauliflower in the microwave and microwave according to package directions.

  5. Add cauliflower to the potato in the pot, mix and turn on the HEAT (medium heat will do)!

  6. Add cream cheese, milk, salt, pepper, garlic. And really any other spices you want.

  7. Mix well to combine all ingredients - I left the skin on my potato as a side note but you don’t have to!

  8. Transfer to a serving platter and garnish with sage leaves.


Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


J πŸ–€