Healthy Travel - Is it a thing?! ✈️

How to travel and stay on point 🎯



We’ve all been there. Counted down days, weeks, months to a vacation. A vacation we have planned for. Saved for. Gotten SO EXCITED for. We get on the plane, arrive in this new destination excited AF, enjoy ourselves and one day later – we feel like shit.


Can ya relate? I mean I can.


So, healthy travel. Can it be done? For sure. But does it take effort – HEELLLL YES.

Even at a NUTRITION conference – yes a FOOD AND NUTRITION conference where all around me were RDs…it was hard.


Honestly, everyone asks me about this, which leads me to believe most of you can relate on this topic. And the truth– it’s really hard. It can be made easy & for sure can be done – but it takes some serious effort. Which is not a bad thing.

It really comes down truly to one thing though when you really break it down. Do you have & know your WHY?

Do you have a goal in mind?

Do you value your goal and did you make your plan?

If you can’t answer yes to any of these, you need to start here before reading on.

So let’s start with why it’s worth it. Then I’ll go over the barriers, then we will talk solutions. K? So if you are bored of me now, and just want to know what to bring with you…scroll to the bottom. But I’ll keep this short and give you some good stuff all the way through .

First and foremost, when you feel like YOU, when you feel your best, when your digestion is working, when you have a little routine maintained in your life, most of us (can’t speak for all) simply feel HAPPIER – and when you are happier & not feeling off, sick, bloated, or lethargic you are able to enjoy moments more. And vacations are collections of amazing moments that are meant to be enjoyed. In addition, when you are able to avoid these other feelings listed above, you are able to prevent the vicious cycles of “I’m already off routine – I might as well get further off it.”which makes getting back on a routine SO. MUCH. HARDER.

But look, I am all for indulging. I freaking preach BALANCE all day everyday, and I really mean it. But when I spend so much time, money, efforts and energy in planning a trip, I really will do anything to make sure I CAN enjoy it. For me personally – my body is very sensitive (and has become even more) to change in space and change in foods – I am able to navigate menus sure, but a few days of constant out of home eating can show up in the way I feel very, very quickly. Eating balanced meals that are healthy and full of higher fiber foods and having my regular snacks makes a big difference in how I feel. Having these foods makes a difference in my mood too. So I like to find ways that I can indulge but not OVER-indulge when away from home.

There are so many strategies for this (the three bite rule, choosing one thing, sharing, apps vs drinks vs dessert and SO ON), but I am going to save this for another post. And stay on track – since I told you this would be short and it’s already not 🙃

I never sacrifice my wine on vacation ps 🙃

I never sacrifice my wine on vacation ps 🙃


So what makes travel so hard?

No matter how prepared you are, how on point your hours prior to travel are, when you fly – you dehydrate & you CAN bloat (not everyone does – must be nice right? but many do). You can do all the right things to prevent and prepare for this, but sometimes it still happens. So when you step off that plane, you may start out feeling not your best – and that’s the worst.

But you can turn this around real quick with the right prep.

In addition, and for some this may be TMI but, a lot of us don’t poop when we go away because we are so off routine. And honestly, I don’t know many who are happy or feel good when this happens – this I can say with a lot of confidence. When your digestion is off – it’s really shitty 💩 so again – why not do some small things to prevent and prepare for this?

 What to do.

 Here are things that you need to do to get all your ducks in a row to have the best time ever.

1.)   Make a Plan.

2.)   Call your hotel, find out what you have access to in your room (fridge? More than that is just a bonus)

3.)   DRINK WATER – days leading up to travel make sure you are on point. While actually traveling – drink drink drink. Even though airport water bottles are one trillion dollars, its worth it 💦

4.)   Stay Regular AKA make sure you poop 💩 aka bring a probiotic with you & some FIBER.

5.)   Find a way to MOVE. Hotel have a gym? Great! Use it! Doesn’t? Can you walk or run in the area? IF yes – do it! If no – can you bring a booty band in your bag? Find some fitspo on IG and do a circuit inside! Or find a fun class you can attend, walk instead of taking a cab, take the stairs instead of the escalator. Rent bikes! OR combine these things as much as you can – 10 minutes a few times a day adds up really quick and can be just as effective as planned exercise.

6.)   Order smart when out. Be mindful of sauces, dressings, preparation. Ask for what you want in these restaurants – what’s the worst that can happen, they say no? Ok fine you find something else.

7.)   Try and maintain your own eating schedule.

8.)   Slow down, appreciate WHERE you are. Vacations end. If you waste too much time worrying about food or dealing with your emotions of how you may feel – you sacrifice the moments and don’t appreciate the place you’re in. And that is not ok.

9.)   And when you get home? EVEN if you fell off, a little or a lot – who cares. Get back on your own horse. Don’t dwell, don’t look back (except to an appreciate all the fun you had!) wake up, eat your breakfast, get that ass back to your gym, and get back to normal 💪

What to pack.

 You can really pack anything you want. Tupperware, travel cooler bags and travel sized items make this so easy. So I encourage you to look at the foods you are eating at your meals now and see how you can work some of them into your travel plans. I mean I have literally gone as far once as packing sliced deli meat, a full zucchini, cucumbers and salad greens in a bag on a flight before…because it made me feel good. But that’s neither here nor there. I am going to use this time to write the basics for everyday travelers not my extremes LOL – if you want those LMK in the comments and maybe a travel szn ✌️ post will come out.

Anyway – here are some things to think about and start with:

·      Probiotics – they need to be taken consistently to work, if you take it now, take it when you travel. I love REGULAR GIRL and when I travel I bring the stick packs.

·      Protein – you can add them to smoothies, coffee, oatmeals, DIY shakes, help keep meals balanced and keep you fuller longer. I travel with Vital Proteins collagen peptides – they make stick packs too and they are so easy to add to ANYTHING + my SANO travel packs – because hello they were made for this. But you can take what you are using and put it into baggies so you can portion it out before you go.

·      GG CRACKERS – look it just makes sense. They were made to make your life easier and are easy to travel with. Use them to swap out things or swap them into meals to completely change the nutrition composition of the meal -–aka ADD FIBER TO KEEP YOU FULL ON LESS CALORIES 🔥 annnnd help you with that poop sitch 😉


·      SNACKS – Bars are easy, pack them. Pack meat sticks, nuts, dried fruits, peanut or almond butter packets, dried beans, popcorns - anything you normally eat - try and pack. {lots of options in my amazon store}


·      Plane Meals – Traveling during breakfast or lunch or dinner? Skip airport food and bring yours with you (at least for the ride there). GG sandwiches, pancakes, salads – pack them!


·      DIYs – muffins, pancakes, energy bites! If you have a fridge & you are as obsessed with pancakes as I am for breakfast – pack them. I always do this. Someone always laughs at me, I always feel good in the morning. If you are going on a work trip, you will be rushed and sometimes you cant grab eggs to put on GGs – and you cant count on Starbucks, have something ready for you for breakfast. This is my game changer. Doesn’t have to be yours, but Its mine.


·      Oatmeal Packets

·      Chia or Flax Seeds – add into breakfasts or lunches to boost healthy fats, protein and all sorts of nutrients

·      Dried Beans – if you are at a place with scary protein options – salad bars, airports, you know the scary looking chicken I am talking about. Use dried bean packs instead. Top your salads or toss into soups or really just eat as a higher protein/fiber snack option with less fat than nuts! ((I LOVE enlightened Bada Beans, Biena beans and Seapoint Farms dried edamame))


·      Seed Packs for protein – Really I mean TopBit when I say this (available in my amazon store) but really they were also made for travel. Pop one pack on top of a yogurt or cottage cheese and stay 10g of protein fuller! Check out some of my IG posts that feature them – they make things really easy during travel – I recommend both savory and sweet.

That’s a good start. These things will make a difference.

You don’t want to do it all? Pick one or two to bring and start there!

See if you feel different? Better? Same? What can you do to feel your best? Whatever that is, do that.

However, you can pack all the healthy snacks, you can even make sure you eat them, you can stay on your schedule, you can make your swaps at your meals, you can skip the dessert or the app or the wine…but if you lack confidence, and can’t enjoy moments – it doesn’t mean a thing.

So remember your balance, enjoy those moments that you have worked so hard to get to & do the things that work for you. Turn this post into your own. Pick one or two things to pack or focus on for your next trip and see if it changes anything for you.

This is what I have learned through a lot of bloated and sometimes poop-less trips.

And now, I don’t let anything stop me from being prepared for any trip I go on. Do you, do what makes you feel like YOU – that’s all.

Thanks for reading along.

 SAFE & HEALTHY Travels Friends ❤️🍓