2018 Trend Report.

Guest blogger alert! 

Super excited to virtually introduce all the readers out there to Noelle! Noelle is a kick ass nutrition student who I have had the pleasure of working & sharing my passion with! Noelle is going to be digging into some nutrition trends and fads and sharing some knowledge with you guys. If you have topics you want us doing some digging on - post in the comments and we will do our best to find some real answers!

Ok, you hear enough of me - time for my girl to shine. Meet NOELLE & read all she has to say about the trends of 2018 in health & wellness. 

Noelle Kicking Booty!

Noelle Kicking Booty!

Hello to all you fabulous Happy Slim Healthy readers! My name is Noelle Russomano and I’m so HAPPY to say that I have the opportunity to work with Jenna and post as a guest writer on her ah-mazing blog! I was introduced to Jenna and the HSH family through the pursuit of my two favorite things in the world - eating right and exercising. After receiving an Associates degree in Fashion Business, my life turned around 180 degrees when I made the decision to transfer to Montclair State University to complete a degree in Nutrition and Food Science. After my first day on campus, I knew that dedicating my life to health and fitness was one hundred and ten-thousand percent the right decision for me, and the best part is I haven’t had a shred of doubt since. So here I am, writing to you about the subject I love and you hopefully love too! 

Today I’m serving up what 2018 has in-store for the health and wellness community. After much research and deliberation, I’ve chosen the SIX trends I feel are most important for you to know for this upcoming year. If you’re looking to shake things up in the gym, kitchen, or BOTH, you’ve come to the right place! Each trend was chosen with the idea that these small changes can be implemented into your life to not only help you reach your goals, but to help you feel better on the inside (i.e. trend #6). Many of the trends on this list gained momentum in 2017, but just like YOU, 2018 is going to be their year to shine!

1. Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology has been around the block and back in the fitness industry. FitBits first appeared in 2007 and revolutionized the way people viewed their activity and what they were accomplishing day to day. In 2018, however, Wearable Technology is more than just a step counter on your wrist! This year, the technology available will be able to give you an in-depth scope of the kind of workout you’re getting and how you can utilize that for your best results. I’m talking about watching your heart rate people! Orange Theory Fitness is a studio currently using a wearable heart rate technology to create a more intense workout. At the studio, clients wearing a heart rate monitor on their wrist (or arm or around their chest) have a unique opportunity to watch their heart rate move through different calorie burning zones as they exercise. This is a concept that’s distinctive and, frankly, amazing for the clients and the coaches working with them. In real-time during class, there’s an invaluable aspect to the coaches being able to see your stats and using that as a tool to push you and motivate you to achieve your goals! This monster has an ability to ignite a competition within yourself to put in the work; lift heavier and run faster than you did before! 

2. Functional Fitness

The purpose of Functional Fitness is to strengthen your body so that performing everyday functions, overtime, become easier. Functional Fitness goes beyond the gym and straight into your home, giving you the benefit of seeing improvements in everyday actions, not just the exercises you perform in the gym. While two weeks of functional exercises won’t immediately improve your strength in picking dropped items off of the floor, this trend can influence a lifetime of strength! Functional Fitness in 2018 will shed a new light on exercising, making it less about what you see in the mirror and more about reaping the benefits of physical health and feeling your best. Looking to incorporate these movements into your routine? Luckily for you, you may already be performing these exercises in the gym. The beauty behind this form of exercise is that the movements are versatile, like squats for example. Squatting may be a hell of a lot more fun with a loaded barbell on your back, but it’s also a movement you perform every single day without realizing it. And while you may think squats are only strengthening and growing those glutes, you’re actually enhancing the strength of your core as well. Think of it as killing three birds with one stone - glutes, core, plus bettering your quality of life. Gyms across the country are taking advantage of this trend and launching functional fitness group training classes for their members. If you’re tired of being tired after climbing the stairs, these classes are definitely worth taking a look into. If you’re looking to fortify your mental and physical strength then still I say, functional fitness is worth taking a look into. 

3. Turmeric

The chances of hearing the word “turmeric” at some point within the past year are fairly likely for most of you, and it’s for good reason! Hailing from India, Turmeric is a spice that not only provides an extra dash of earthiness to your favorite meals and beverages, but also brings some stealthy health benefits to the game as well. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can have the ability to remedy chronic pain among the plethora of health issues that are tied to inflammation. The key to reducing inflammation is curcumin, an active ingredient in the turmeric spice. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that one dash of curcumin a day will not keep the doctor away! Yes, adding turmeric and curcumin to your diet CAN decrease inflammation, BUT that means you’ll have to ingest curcumin in relatively large doses in order to begin feeling all of the good anti-inflammatory magic. In essence, a dash of turmeric in your latte in the morning will not make all of your ailments disappear, try to look to include about 1,000 mg of turmeric a day if the healing benefits of the spice is what you’re all about. Take 2018 as your chance to really incorporate this spice into your recipes - from breakfast to dinner and everything in between, including your coffee and tea! A little each day can still make a difference though! Find ways you enjoy it and toss it in! 

4. Consuming Collagen

In 2018, consider putting your money to good use and invest in a Collagen Peptide before you spring for an anti-aging serum! What is HappySlimHealthy all about? Looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. A Collagen Peptide powder packs a sucker punch, bringing nutritional and physical benefits to the table. A serving size (two scoops) provides 18 grams of protein that won’t upset a stubborn GI tract either, since Collagen Peptides contain added benefits to aid gut health and improve your hair, skin, and nails. Collagen Peptides themselves aren’t a magical cure all for all of your health woes, but if keeping your insides feeling tip-top and strong is high on your priority list for 2018, the addition of this powder to your diet could take your results a long way. (Also! Jenna wanted to add in that the strong protein content from this cleaner source is a great add in to many recipes offering delicious flavors to some recipes or sneaking extra protein into recipes without touching the flavor of your goodies with the unflavored variety!)

5. Bone Broth

If some of your old recipes need a tune up this year, I recommend using bone broth as a substitute for your favorite soups while Winter is still in full swing! Stewing up some of your favorite veggies in a Bone Broth is a crafty alternative to aid better joints, metabolism, and an extensive list of other benefits. A Bone Broth is similar to stock, however animal bones are added to mingle with the broth while it's simmering. The addition of the bones creates a delicious, nutritious mixture that has the potential to be your new secret superpower. Similar to the benefits of Collagen Peptides, the naturally occurring collagen within the bones can better your hair, skin, and nails. 2018 is the year for nutritionally rich foods and when making updates to your diet, Bone Broth is a hot commodity to add to your list! 

6. Fiber + Probiotics (Gut Health)

Are you sensing a theme here? 2017 was the year of hunting down anything and everything that will calm down all of the rumblings in your tummy. 2018 is the year to find what works for you and to settle that GI tract! Fiber is the chief of digestion, meaning a diet rich in fiber with the combination of probiotics can help to aid your gut health this year. In Carl Zimmer’s New York Times article: “Fiber is Good for You, Now Scientists May Know Why”, he explains: “a diet of fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Indeed, the evidence for fiber’s benefits extends beyond any particular ailment: Eating more fiber seems to lower people’s mortality rate, whatever the cause.” I’ll say it again: 2018 is the year to find out what works for you, and something as simple and fun as adding more fruits and veggies to your diet could be potential missing piece in the puzzle for what makes you feel like you! Consider the addition of probiotics to your daily regiment as well. Probiotic supplements restore and refresh the already naturally occurring bacteria in your gut that help you to digest food every day. Fiber and Probiotics together can work in tandem could have the power to do what’s most important - make you feel good on the inside, literally

Thanks for reading!

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