Matcha POWER Latte.

I used to hhaatteee green tea. Like the smell of it made me mad. Then I tried matcha bar's mint green tea and became a fan. AND THEN I made my own "latte" and I am OBSESSED.

Literally, dare I say this could even replace my love of coffee. I dont know, feels like anything is possible when I drink this deliciousness. It's a must try - and packed with sooo many amazing benefits. 


Green tea has a ton of benefits, collagen has a ton of benefits. Mix the two together - get energized, get a booooost of antioxidants, help your digestion, hair, skin, nails, plus a good amount of protein with almost no calories. Should i keep going !?!

Literally this had 3 ingredients, but the ingredients I found to be important & highly recommend the brands. As a note I am paid by none of them - I just really love them :) 

Place all in a blender, blend & pour. Now, I had this cold - you can totally heat this up though and make it a warm latte like drink. It literally froths like a latte with almost no milk at all. Absolutely DELICIOUS!