Personalized Food Shopping Trip.


You have your meal plan, you know the foods you need to look for - but the grocery store overwhelms you...this package add on is made for you! Take me to your grocery store with you! This trip includes 1 hour of a private store tour where we find all the foods right for you. We will walk the aisles, compare brands and labels and find the right products to fit your needs.

After spending 4+ years in the retail industry, grocery shopping has become one of my favorite activities. I know the tricks to finding the best products and want to share my brand knowledge with you!

Note: You do not need to have an active package with me to purchase this package, however if you do have an active meal plan program with me a discount will apply - ask me for a promo code!


Purchase here & let's schedule your trip!

*Note: Distance to store must be within 20 miles.

Let's Food Shop!