just another meal!


I am going to keep this short and sweet. As we enter the holiday season, food is everywhere. It is not a surprise that the stat that people gain around 1-5 pounds over the holiday season, but are less likely to lose it over the year is true. We tend to think that this time of the year is the only time of the year that we are ALLOWED to eat these special foods. But if we shift our thinking and realize that, on a random Tuesday in February you could also have pumpkin pie IF you really wanted it, these foods become less "special." Remember that when nutrition is your lifestyle, and you practice balanced eating - you don't have to cut any of these foods out of your life. There will always be better for you options for the desserts and less healthy options BUT if you have a craving for something you cannot shake, HAVE SOME, have some in moderation - feed your craving and move on. I usually compare this to buying shoes. My cousin, Anna (megaformer ALL STAR) & I used to talk about this with shopping - typically actually on black friday so this is so relevant! - If you really really really love a pair of shoes at the mall and don't buy them, but then they are ALL you can think about and you end up going home, ordering them on line and paying shipping, and let's be serious probably overnight them because you want them so bad, you end up SPENDING MORE! So the same applies with food - if you really really want it and cant stop thinking about it, have a little, instead of going too long without it and creating an overindulgence.

So this is already longer than I wanted it to be - so I am going to get to the point here. Thanksgiving should be just another meal for you. Balance your plate like you normally would. Always eat appetizers and passed items off a plate so you can really see what you are eating - when we don't we don't realize how fast the little bites add up! Eat breakfast, get to the gym, drink your water and enjoy your time with family and friends!

I love this picture from the Tone it Up! Team - it shows how your plate should be balanced just like any meal! Half plate veggies, add that great protein from the turkey (skip the skin) and pick the best carb available! Enjoy the wine on the side :)  

You could even bring a healthy option with you so you know you will have something delicious to eat and enjoy!

I love these tips also from the F-Factor Team & recipes provided at the bottom as well!

And hey, if you end up eating a little more than normal, more than you planned, feel a little off - go for a walk, get up and get to the gym the next day, drink your water, and do not even think of skipping meals - start fresh, start strong and lets CRUSH this holiday season together!!!

Happy Thanksgiving<3