Courtney M.


"Before starting with Jenna and CT, I dieted hard and had trouble with weight fluctuations. I have been active for five years now and never fully understood how to properly fuel my body without crazy fad diets. It was not until I met this dynamic duo, back in February, when my life was completely changed. I look at food COMPLETELY different and my energy during my workouts have never been better. My workouts with CT, are nothing that I have ever experienced; creative, unpredictable and never comfortable. His drive and passion to help me reach my goal is his personal CRAFT. Having these two master minds together, has brought out the absolute best in me. My confidence is at an all time high and I plan on keeping it that way. Jenna and CT, have given me the best tools to keep reaching my goals and set new ones each time we complete them. They have taught me the process and I have given my full trust in the journey. I absolutely love what these two dedicated people stand for; commitment, passion, and motivation. There will never be a cookie cutter plan out there to give you the goals you want.  Join this team, set goals with this team, and allow them to take you to goals you never thought were achievable. It will be the BEST decision for your fitness journey."

-Courtney M.

Client of HappySlimHealthy since February 2017.

Personal Trainer: CT Torres, @gunzzsquad @ct_gunzz 

Nutrition & exercise program designed together with Jenna & CT -- combination of lifestyle change and a really dedicated positive attitude has helped Courtney lose over 22 pounds and counting! PLUS gains of lean muscle.