Sweet Potato Greatness.


With their fabulous nutrition profile, delicious flavor and extreme versatility, the sweet potato is making it's way up to be the next big thing in the foodie world. So of course, I played around with it today, and the results are ridiculously delicious. (And also totally instagram worthy).

So how do we use these beauties as a substitute for bread & still build a good, balanced and filling meal?  I will tell you.

To start, toast the potato.

The complex carbohydrate which boasts a good fiber content and lots of vitamins, can be sliced - decently thin but think - about 3 "slices" for half a medium potato, and about 2 of those slices should be your serving (if it is a small potato, half of the potato is your serving so keep these numbers in mind when you are slicing) - and popped right into the toaster! Today it took me about 3x's in the toaster oven to get it crispy on the outside but cooked through the inside - but each toaster is different.

Once it is toasted - it needs to be topped.

A good meal must contain lean protein & veggies. And to really get a gold star, try incorporating a serving of fruit and some sort of lean, low fat dairy.

The toast I made today (pictured above) had: 1/4 avocado mashed on the toast, 2 tbsp part skim ricotta cheese - providing my protein, and then topped with sliced Jersey fresh tomatoes and gorgeouuuusssssss watermelon radishes from Freidas ! To finish it off I squeezed some lemon juice on the toast and dropped on some crushed red pepper. I enjoyed it with a side of extra tomatoes and radishes and a little olive oil & balsamic. Literally, it was perfect.

Such a great blend of flavors, food groups and texture. Also, husband approved -- which is always a win in itself.

Here are a few other ideas I want to try on this trend:

-PB & banana or sliced strawberries

-PB + 1 sliced date

-Avocado + grilled chicken with crushed red pepper & lemon juice

-Avocado + sliced turkey

-Avocado + hard boiled eggs with crushed red pepper, red pepper slices & lemon juice

-Cottage cheese + strawberries

-Tuna fish or chicken salad with extra veggies!

Remember, just like with avocado toast, and all other meals you make, keep your portions controlled, include your food groups and play with different flavors!

I will post pictures on my instagram as I try the newest combos, but how could any of them be bad!? If you have tried, plan on trying or try after reading this post - tag me on instagram @happyslimhealthy so I can see your combos!