The best thing I will ever teach you...


You may not believe it now, but here is the best thing I will ever teach you...on this whole site. This is it. How does that make you feel?! Ok, ready?

Turn your peanut butter upside down when you buy it!

Why? When we buy natural PB (which we should - with only 2 ingredients max - peanuts only or peanuts and salt) the oil separation can be annoying and difficult to stir. Can anyone relate?!

When you get it, flip it upside down and stick it in your cabinet. The oil will mix evenly and make your PB perfect without stirring! If we don't mix well, your first few servings will be higher in fat since you will be getting more oil,  and the bottom servings will be rock hard and terrible because they have little oil and can't mix well.

So, go into your cabinet and make the flip! Works with all nut butters and is absolutely life changing.

You're welcome :)