How to Recover from a Slip-Up


Archive Post: May 2014 With warmer, sunny weather rapidly approaching, staying on track can be challenging. Spring and summer typically mean weekends full of BBQ’s, outdoor drinking and increased temptation.

So what are the key things to remember after a weekend or day or night of increased caloric intake? Or over-indulgence?

Well, the first thing to remember is….it happens, we are humans and no one is perfect. I am a registered dietitian, I know the science behind why we shouldn’t eat loads of sugar and I know how many calories extra per day add pounds…and sometimes I slip up. Gasp!

But, what is important is that one mistake or slip up doesn’t turn into a slippery slope and take you off your path of health. Good habits unfortunately are easy to break. So enjoy but know what to do to stop the trend!

Use your slip up as motivation to be better and get back on track! Don’t dwell on what you cannot change, move on and bounce back.

So, here are a few #happyslimhealthy tips to bring you back on your game:

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, skip breakfast or meals throughout the next day. You are not going to, “even it out” if you only eat one meal the next day.

Our metabolisms are creatures of habit just like us; they rest at night and need fuel in the morning. So starting yours first thing, is always the way to go. Aim to eat a good breakfast full of belly filling fiber and some protein within 90 minutes of waking up.

On that note, tip number two…clean up your meals the next day. After your strong breakfast, make sure lunch and dinner are highly focused on lean proteins and lots of veggies. Aim here for at least three colors and go easy on your condiments, especially being mindful of sodium intake. Try seasoning with lemon and lime and watch your serving of oil. Including a serving of a higher fiber whole grain is also encouraged; Quinoa, Wheat Berries, Farro and Freekeh…to name a few good options and limit your serving to ½ cup cooked.

Next up, your drinks. Try and aim for nothing but water the next day…ok and a cup of coffee or better yet tea in the morning is allowed. Add some lemon or cucumber to your water for added power and sip all day long. Help your body flush out toxins and re-boot.

And finally, get to the gym. You will feel better and sweating cures all. Getting back into your workout routine will help you remember how good it feels to eat right and be on the healthy track. Endorphins are a real thing, go get them running high and remember just how much your body is capable of when we treat them right!

So, the moral of the story is…slip ups happen. But don’t let one day of over indulging turn into a pattern of, “it’s ok I will start over on Monday.” We all say that, but after more than one week of this behavior, it starts to become more of a habit, and this is a habit we want to break. When faced with the challenges of summer social events and BBQ’s, have fun but remember what your goals are.

Pick your poisons.

For example, if you are going to be having beers, first make sure they are light, and second stay away from the chips and dip and stay closer to the veggie trays. Find your balance. You know how you feel the day after one of these events vs. after an awesomely healthy day…which is better for you? And which one makes you feel more productive?!


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