Avo Toast Done Right


Why it is good, what to top it with and what is a serving? Avocado is so trendy right now and for good reason – it is full of healthy fats that keep us fuller longer, keep our hair and skin healthy and shiny and is so creamy and smooth it spreads on to anything!

So how can we make this a #happyslimhealthy meal? Right now I am sure you have seen all sorts of insta-posts with gorgeous green avo spread on to all sorts of breads and crackers and topped with anything from fruits to veggies to cheese to proteins. It is a fabulous idea, easy to prep, easy to eat and down right delish. However, lets go back to that idea of portion control and talk about how this delicious meal could add up quick if it is not portioned properly.

So when you look at an avocado – some think a whole avocado is a serving (that would be my husband, sorry Matt!), some really have no idea and some think avocado and guacamole are in fact, the same thing. So here is a little avo-cation on avocado servings (If you don’t think I am as funny as I think I am, I am terribly sorry).

Serving Size:

According to the California avocado commission, 1 serving size of avocado is equal to all of the following:

• ~about 2-3 thin slices • 2 tbsp of mashed or diced avocado • 2 tbsp of guacamole • 1/5 of a medium avocado.

I read this and immediately thought of the amount of guac I usually pile onto one chip at a Mexican restaurant, hey Dietitians are people too! But, this is important to know and remember next time you are face to face with an avocado.

What do you get in that serving?

In that single serving, you are getting 50 calories, 3 grams of monounsaturated {good} fats, and 2 grams of belly filling fiber. In addition to: Vitamin K, Lutein, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Vitamin E! Impressive!

So bringing it in for some awareness, if you are eating a half of a medium avocado (medium = ~5oz) that is about 125 calories. But a larger avocado is of course more, so be mindful of your portion size always.

Ok so let’s go back to the avo-toast explosion. This meal or snack has the ability to be incredibly amazing and incorporate multiple food groups and nutrients, however – let’s keep it tight and keep our portions in mind when building. It is important to include the right base, the right portion of your avocado, a good protein & some extra veggies for good measure.

First start with a great base. My recommendations include whole grains with high fiber content, minimal ingredients and portioned appropriately.

Try any of the following: • GG's Scandinavian Crispbreads - these little bran crackers pack 8 g of fiber and only 50 calories per 2 crackers! • FiberRich+ Crispbreads - packing 50 calories and 7g of fiber per serving • Alvarado St. Bakery Flax or protein bread varieties. What I like about the flax version is that you can eat 2 slices! 2 slices have 100 calories and 5g of fiber. The protein varieties I would suggest sticking to one slice as one has about 80 calories, but still a great option! OR choose another whole grain, high fiber, few ingredient bread/cracker that suits you.

Now top it.

If this is a meal, a half of a medium Avocado would be ok, but minding your other toppings. If you want to load it up with lots of toppings lets stick with 1/5 or even 1/4 of an avocado.


You know by now, I am going to tell you to add protein so let's think of some options.

IF you have been following me on insta-gram, you know I am obsessed with Applegate's Pork Shoulder bacon - lower in fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories and soooo delicious. Why not top your toast with 2 pan-fried slices? Adding – 6g protein & 60 cals. Or why not add the incredible-edible and oh so powerful egg! Top the toast with hard boiled, whites, scrambled, over easy or however you like your eggs. 1-3 eggs would be perfect! (1=snack, 2-3 =meal)

Or you can always toss on some nuts or seeds. 1-2 tbsps would be perfect here.

Ok one more, you can also top with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, mixed with the avocado you are adding creaminess and tons of protein.

Then finally – add in some chopped fruits or veggies.

My personal favorite is to add on a sliced strawberry right on top! With the egg and avocado it is a sweet and savory combo! But here I can also picture berries, grapes, pear or sliced apple being awesome. Or the veggie route – cukes, carrots, tomato, sliced peppers etc. Anything that you love would work here.

When you keep your portions in mind, this can be the perfect meal or snack. If you are still hungry after one serving – try pairing it with some extra raw veggies, one piece of fruit or even a side salad.

Get creative with your combos and tag me on insta-gram to show me what you came up with!

Use #happyslimhealthy to show me your toast! -Jenna A. Stock, RD