about jenna.


Hi Everyone! I am beyond excited to have you here + to share all my tricks of the trade with you.

But first I think it is pretty important to share a little about myself so you know just what you are getting yourself into by stopping by this page.

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and health LOVAH, in only the best way, of course. I grew up in a home with a super fit mom and a super fit dad, who had a super sweet tooth, that was passed on to me of-course. Family dinners were the best part of my day and at a very young age I learned to associate food with happiness and family time. HOWEVER, I think it is important you know that I grew up eating toaster strudels with the icing and pop tarts on the reg. So, for all intents and purposes, you should know, I have always loved food - but not always healthy food. I feel like some people think RD’s grew up with kale in their mouths but that was truly not the case for me. BALANCE has always been the key for me.

When I went to college I was asked what I wanted to study and had no idea. The counselor asked me what I loved and my answer was simply, “food and people.” She laughed + said - ‘I have a career for you.’

The question though was, how to find a job that blended both of my loves and hi-lighted my strengths.

The answer? Nutrition.

But like let’s also just be clear that in 2005 (now you know how old I am) - I didn’t even know what an RD was. Man am I grateful for this person finding the way to blend my passions.

I then went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences and Hospitality Management from The Pennsylvania State University, (the perfect blend of food and people if you ask me! Thanks Penn State guidance!) and completed my dietetic internship with Aramark Healthcare.

Post college, I began my career in the sub-acute care clinical setting. I learned a lot about myself and watched my text books come to life. I learned that nutrition is not black and white like the text books make it seem sometimes, and I learned at the end of the day it is the people that make the decisions on what to eat, no matter what I would say.

After 2+ years in this setting, I moved on to the hospital world. A little faster paced and surrounded all day by multiple healthcare providers. I learned so much from watching the flow of this world and got as much out of it as I could.

But, it was still not my “place.” I moved on to start a career in the retail setting. In this position I learned truly how important it is to blend people and nutrition. I have learned that every person is different, every person cares about something different, and not one suggestion will ever work for more than one person. I also have become an absolute pro at food labels, portion sizes, product and brand knowledge. With this experience I have learned how many ways you can make your taste buds happy and truly believe every single person can find a way to live healthier and happier, and get a little stronger in the process (physically and/or mentally).

From retail - I popped into management for awhile but felt like I was taken too far away from my true passion - which is sharing MY journey and MY love for food and fitness with people. Through my experiences I know I can connect with people to help them LOVE food for the way it makes them feel, for the way it truly fuels & nourishes our bodies and teach people how to eat to feel their best, and also reach their goals along the way. This is my purpose & this is why HSH nutrition coaching was born.

What you will see on my page & what you learn even more from working with me is realistic, fun, nutrition advice.

Real, raw and unfiltered.

I will teach you things I have learned throughout my journey and practical ways to make them your own.

And finally, here is what I truly believe…nutrition should always be fun. Food for me has always meant happy things, and no diet or changes should ever take that away from you! Nutrition should be just as realistic as it is delicious and just like anything in life, small changes create big rewards, and when it comes to food, you should never have to sacrifice flavor, fun or smiles.

Working with me I can promise you one big thing. I will teach you how to eat right for the rest of your life.

No fads. No gimmicks. Food & fun throughout the process.


J 🍓

*Please note my services are virtual so no matter where you are, we can find a way to help you reach your goals!